Coming Soon! My NEW Art Book!

Hey folks! I hope everybody is doing well! I just wanted to start talking about a new project that I will be Kickstarting in in January!

I will be producing at my very first art book! The book will be 6 x 9“, soft cover, 100 pages of pencils, inks and finished color pieces. I will be including some *witty commentary (*your mileage may vary with my witty commentary, but i feel like its pretty good. #humble) and step by step tutorials and processes on how i do things. It will be an inside look into how I do what i do.

In January, I will be launching a Kickstarter campaign to fund the production of the project. Think of it like a PBS style pledge drive—you “back” my campaign to fund the project financially and in return you get various rewards like a physical copy of the book, a digital copy of the book, a drawing video of me making artwork for the project, prints, original artwork and/or a collectors edition of the book.

I’m really excited to get this out into the world—the art work for the project is 95% complete and i’m currently formatting and designing the layout of the book. In the middle of January, I’ll be launching the campaign and then getting the books printed and shipping in March and April.

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